Appendage & Bough

Thursday, January 5, 2017
6:00 pm to Sunday, January 29, 2017 6:00 pm
Appendage + Bough/A Satellite of Love
1335 Walker St.
San Luis Obispo
, CA

Michael Jobs

Art: The ocean has a special place in some people's hearts. Call it an addiction or an adoration. The ocean is an escape, a place of peace, it gives you the ability to unplug - refocus - reset. My photos are a sliver of my experience with the ocean. A brief glance of a unique moment only witnessed and captured by me. 
Artist Bio: I've been a freediver for around five years, I started playing with photography shortly after jumping in the water. I was immediately amazed by the beauty of the ocean and wanted to capture it. I started with a GoPro and quickly upgraded. I bought a starter camera and housing and then invested big and bought a professional underwater housing and camera setup. Currently, I shoot with a Sony A7S in an Ikelite housing. You can find my photos on Instagram @Michaelpjob or on my website
Carolyn Hiigel
Carolyn Hiigel was born and raised right here in San Luis Obispo. She discovered her mother's Konica camera hiding in the closest around age 14, but didn't really embrace the beauty and art of film until just last year. Despite the constant encouragement to go digital, she has decided to stick to film for as long as she can afford to.