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Monday, April 3, 2017
11:45 am to Wednesday, May 3, 2017 11:45 am

Coldwell Banker is pleased to feature Laurel Sherrie's paintings for the month of April. Be sure to stop by during April 7th's Art After Dark and meet the artist!

Laurel painted these luminous miniatures locally on location, capturing fleeting moments to share forever of treasured places. Don’t let the small sizes fool you. Each tiny treasure has a special story about where, when and why it was painted and will bring joy and beauty to your life.  Please join us at Art After Dark - we will have some fabulous PETITE snacks to go with the PETITE paintings!

Most of these were painted with her favorite plein air "pochade box".  She says, "When I'm getting ready to go painting on location, usually the 1st thing I reach for is my Pochade Box.  It's convenient, compact, easy to set up, and it keeps a wet painting protected when I'm done! I enjoy painting 6" x 8" canvas panels, that I make myself by gluing oil-primed linen canvas (the best canvas in the world) to 1/4" birch plywood (it never warps).  The small size allows me to really capture a moment in time quickly!"

So, what is a Pochade Box?!  This website,, has a wonderful explanation of Pochade and Pochade Box.  The term ‘Pochade’ is derived from the 19th century French verb Pocher meaning to sketch. The word itself, however, holds much more meaning and inspiration for it is a gateway to endless potential.

You can read more about this on her blog:


"Morning Greeting, Varian Ranch" by Laurel Sherrie
"Morning Greeting, Varian Ranch" by Laurel Sherrie
"Morning Greeting, Varian Ranch" by Laurel Sherrie