In My Studio - Ben Trogdon

For the past twenty years I’ve been wheel throwing, glazing, and firing ceramics in my unique studio.  It’s a twelve 12 foot wide by 20 foot tall redwood wine cask from a winery in Hollister, California.  We reassembled it one stave at a time, added windows, a door and a second story.  The acoustics are great and I often listen to music or NPR while I’m throwing pots.  The circular work space seems to complement the potter’s wheel and the round pots and plates spinning on the wheel head. To me the process is very meditational and a healthy departure from my busy work schedule (managing the veterinary clinic and wholesale greenhouse businesses that my wife and I own).  I typically make functional ware such as brightly colored bowls and plates or pots  (that sometimes look like meteorites)for succulents.  Come by for a visit at catalog location #23 during Open Studio.  I enjoy giving tours of my unique work space!