In My Studio - Holly Beals

Recently, I enjoyed working on one of the largest paintings I've ever attempted, and it's an abstract, nonetheless. As much as I like working more abstractly, it exercises a different set of muscles that I have yet to really develop. The process still feels a little foreign and uncertain to me, but maybe that's what also makes it exciting.

When I started work on this piece, I had it propped up on the floor, where my (now 1.5 year old) son, Asa, could examine it up close. I loved seeing him hold my paint brushes and make pretend strokes. A very vague idea of what direction this painting would take was in my mind. It began one way, then took various twists and turns along the journey of the process. 

I just kept building upon the texture and continued to add subtle color variations into the background. Metal stencils, honeycomb pattern, gold all kind of converged for the final effects. 

Come see this finished work and many others on display at studio #73. I'll be joined by the incredibly talented encaustic artist, Maura Fox. We hope to see you there!