In My Studio - Katie Bariel

Two years ago I was doing a 2 year stint in the Central Valley away from my beloved Central Coast. I was not happy. One day I walked into a little art studio on the corner of Garden Street. That day changed things for me. I found a place that made me feel happy--the color, the inviting atmosphere.  I took a class in glass on glass mosaics and started spending all the time I could at the studio, assisting with classes then teaching classes. The owner became a good friend, mentor, teacher and inspiration to me. When I was finally able to move back to the Coast, she had talked me into the idea of starting an art studio here using her business model. So here I am at Left Coast Art Studio on the corner of Los Osos Valley Rd. and Fairchild. 

What is it like at my studio? Like my mentor I see that people want to create. Some need direction, or instruction, they crave interaction and inspiration, we need a place to spread out with all the tools and materials on hand. So “my studio” is a place to create. Not just for me though. That’s the important part. It is a place for people to come create together. I teach classes like basic mosaics, glass on glass, string art and other crafts. I also offer open studio hours for people to either, choose a project and work with guidance or to bring their own projects to have a well-lit space other than their kitchen table. AND, I am bringing art teachers from all areas of the art world to offer up their classes here. We have mosaic workshops, soap making, silver-smithing, silk painting, oil painting, kids classes including knitting, tinkering and art in Spanish. I have taken almost every class so far! It’s kind of like having the best of Pintrest tutorials in real life at the studio.  I love creating and it is so much fun to have a space where I can work on my own art, learn new techniques, get inspiration, make friends and hold a space where people can come to learn, expand and have fun. My goal is for this to become one of THE places to create on the Central Coast.  I love meeting artists, crafters and offering them a space to share what they do. My favorite days are when I’ve opened the studio, brewed a cup of coffee, put some music on and people start showing up, excited about new ideas and projects. I find that having your hands busy is a great way to socialize with people. It is a low pressure atmosphere where great conversations seem to take place.

I welcome you to come by catalog location #115 and say hi. I love what I am doing and I think my studio reflects that excitement and energy.