Before and After - Anita Moore-Wells

How I Make my Muertos Art Pieces…

  • Place tea bags in boiling water to get just the right color. 
  • Wrinkle up the original sheet music and let steep in the tea to achieve the old world look.
  • Carefully burn the edges while always keeping fire dousing water handy!

No two pieces of sheet music ever come out the same.

Next, I prepare the canvas by adding the base color to peek through the music. Once it’s dry, I apply the adhesive. The tricky part comes next: adhering the delicate music sheets, avoiding tears and bubbles. Then, apply a top coat of adhesive and, finally, a sealer to the canvas.

Now for the fun part, drawing and painting my figure!  Once completed, they get a final sealer and they’re ready for a new home.

See more of Anita’s work by visiting and stop by her Nipomo studio (number 12 in the catalog) during the Open Studios Art Tour.