In My Studio - Christine Cortese

Here is a peek into my studio. Typically, I am a plein air painter which means I go outside and paint from life like the scene below in Los Alamos. Typical plein air painters usually do a small painting and then finish it in the studio, but I tend to like to work a little larger. Also, I tend to be very fast and I most often finish it outside. In the evening when it's dark, I do like to work in my studio so I take from different paintings or different images that I might have. In my studio I can have my music and my glass of wine and I can be very comfortable and free and experiment with color and design. In the studio, you don't worry about the wind and the sun being too hot or the light changing so it's a more controlled environment obviously.

See more of my work at or visit me during the 2016 Open Studios Art Tour (I'm #78 in the catalog).