What Inspires Me - David Kreitzer

A philosophical maxim has it that a thought is not complete until it is clothed in some physical form-in other words: write it down. The thought, once written, may then be examined, pondered, re-thought and rewritten.

A painting follows this same development.  There seems to be little esteem for a thought that remains only a thought-for it to have any value, it must manifest itself on the “plane of present being” in some form peculiar to that plane.

Ideas are the “souls” or essence, or origin of all things.  There is nothing that can be perceived that was not first an idea-an idea of its creator. 

Ideas are the result  (or the first coalescence) of directed thought. Thought is the activity of the mind on its own  plane of being or in its own world-the world of thought-this activity is made “sensible” to us through the brain.

The mind is our latest “body” evolutionary acquisition and is in the “mineral” stage of development (our desire body is at the plant stage, our vital body at the animal stage, and our dense body is at the human stage).

The mind, acting as a lens, projects a thought on the brain, which translates the ephemeral “thought” into a concrete idea-if the idea is acted upon in some way, it becomes modified and even more “real” until it finally appears in the physical world as a “work” of some kind.

This is the genesis and basic process of a work of Art.

Next:  Art is the idea-the spiritual force which must find embodiment in some form of craft.  The phrase “work of Art” recognizes this truth.

David's Los Osos studio is number 131 in the Open Studios Art Tour catalog.  You can also see more of his work at dkreitzer.com.