East Wellbeing & Tea

Friday, May 5, 2017
6:00 pm

During May's Art After Dark,  East Wellbeing & Tea invites you to become the artist along with dozens of your closest acquaintances and lend a hand in creating our temporary public mural.  

This time our theme is TRANSFORMATION.  We provide the paint, we provide the concrete wall and YOU provide the art.  We accept all art forms, however we do ask that numbers and letters are not included other than our current sponsoring non-profit organization Jack's Helping Hand.  Join us for a night to remember under the stars at East Wellbeing & Tea.  

Joining Us This Month:

Jen Chen Owner of Tradespirit: Tradespirit does its human part by refusing to work with companies engage in sweat or child labor, and to seek out small batch artisans in an effort to elevate their talents and creative works. The mantra of the business is to offer ethically created women’s apparel, hand crafted artisan jewelry, accessories and artwork that brings our customer base a sense of wholeness knowing they have choices to express, adorn and style their individuality in positive and connected way.  Adorn Mindfully. Support Artistry. Elevate Humanity.

And In Our Rooms:

Henna Tattoos with Angel from Enchante Body Care Spa

Cyndi Silva giving I Ching Readings

Kim Vargo giving Tarot Card Readings

Massage Therapists