In My Studio - Kit Gould-Himelblau

My studio space is 25 feet from where I live with my family.  Looking out the studio windows I see my gardens and home.  I feel fortunate for what I have.  

Looking into my studio you will see an eclectic collection of images.  I’m a trained artist and recently I have made a return to my studio after a 10-year absence.  For the Open Art Studio Tour I will be showcasing two different styles of collage work, and also displaying other areas of of my art interest.  

Collage is a new area of interest for me and I enjoy the immediacy of the form.

With Collage, I use images come from discarded books found at thrift stores.  I feel like I am an archivist, but one who reinterprets and repurposes the past. I am interested in the color, line, and shape of the images I cut from books, and usually subject matter is secondary.  

Recently I’ve been attracted to illustrations of birds printed in a matte finish. I carefully cut out the birds excluding or including details such as legs or branches.  The birds are adhered to wood or paper, along with additional images or marks. I am interested in creating minimal compositions that allow the properties of the substrate to be seen.

I am interested in what happens when images with similar visual qualities (color, line, texture) are juxtaposed. In my other type of collage work I reorient the images.  Sometimes I use a full page against another page of the same subject matter.  Other times, if I want a more jarring composition, and I will choose two images with different subject matter, but that still share a texture, color, or shape.

I hope to see you during Open Studios Art Tour. My Studio and Gardens will be available during both weekends, Oct. 8-9 and 15-16, 330 Ramona Dr. SLO.

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For more information feel free to contact me at or 805-234-8364. Thank you.