What Inspires Me - Kit Gould-Himelblau

What inspires me? Thrift store finds!

"Put a bird on it!” might be a familiar phrase for those that have watched the show Portlandia, (episode clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHmLljk2t8M.)  

The humor of that show doesn’t necessarily come through my work, but I am influenced by how levity can accompany the acts of living and dying.  And I associate those feeling with what I find in thrift stores, especially objects that have lost their original purpose.  

The images and frames for most of my work are second hand items that I’ve acquired. Some of my favorite SLO thrift stores are The Hope Chest, UVS Thrift, and Fred and Betty’s Thrift Store.

For me visiting thrift stores is about retrieving objects from the past.  I inspect many objects during my thrift store visits, but the items I bring home are the ones that, because of color, shape, texture, or subject matter, trigger some emotion in me.  My responses to the images are intertwined with feelings of loss, longing, or belonging

My thrift store finds do make me laugh.  Maybe I find humor in the item’s original purpose or how that purpose finds new meaning in contemporary life.  I know there have been times that I have laughed out loud in stores.  It’s joyous and life affirming in a weird way.  It’s just me and this object and we have a secret relationship, usually different from that of the previous owner.

I hope to see you during Open Studios Art Tour. My Studio and Gardens will be available during both weekends, Oct. 8-9 and 15-16, 330 Ramona Dr. SLO.

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For more information feel free to contact me at kit.gould1@gmail.com or 805-234-8364. Thank you.